Online eBooks and eMagazines B2B Template [TS0014B2B]
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What you get?

You can run a full-featured online store without knowing how to program, because all settings and text are set using the Administrative Module.

In addition to everything in the CRE Loaded Standard and Pro releases, the CRE Loaded Pro B2B version allows you to offer:

  • Qty Price Break - Set up to 10 levels of prices based in the quantity ordered of a given product Separate Pricing for Different Customer Groups
  • Create unlimited customer groups - (wholesale, retail, employee, charity, etc.). Customers will only see the pricing for their group.
  • Require Login to see content option -
    If you need to maintain confidential pricing, you can have product hidden until the customer has registered. Excellent when, for example, purchase of goods requires a professional license.
  • Registration for a customer account via the Admin only - so only those you choose to register can see prices or log on. Keeps products confidential until you choose to allow it.
  • Approve Account option - a third registration option allows customers to register, but not shop or see pricing, until after you have given approval via the Admin. Group Access for Products and Categories.
  • You can now determine which categories and products are displayed for each customer group. Gives you more control over the customer experience than ever before.

Script Version: CRE Loaded V6.2.11 B2B

Template ID: TS0014B2B

Template Price:  $99.95 

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Template details
This template is great for selling books and magazines online. The vibrant colors make this template stand out above the rest. The navigation is extremely user friendly. That means your customers will find that purchasing products from your site is an easy process. Fixed width to 780px.